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Website Sufen PhotoSufen Paphassarang, Adv CBP, PaRama BP, Coordinator, Doula

Sufen is Singaporean born and bred who was educated in Singapore and the United Kingdom. Insurance trained, her Bachelor’s degree specialises in Business Insurance and she was working in MNC Companies, Marsh &McLennan and the AIG Group for 8 years before she quit her career to be a full time mother. Since young, she has been drawn to holistic and alternative therapies. When she was first diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, a form of autoimmune hyperthyroidism, medical doctors deemed it an irreversible illness and told her to be on drugs for the rest of her life. Unable to accept her diagnosis, she rejected all drugs prescribed for her condition and she went on to see a Naturopath to help her cope with her symptoms. But she felt there was more that needed to be done to get to the bottom of illness. A month into her illness, she discovered BodyTalk by a referral of a friend. After her first BodyTalk session, she could feel changes in her body and the symptoms started improving. She continued to have regular BodyTalk sessions and improvements to her illness were validated by the monthly blood test results at the endocrinologist. After 9 months of continuous BodyTalk sessions she made complete recovery and the disease never returned.

Fascinated with the BodyTalk System, she went on to explore more about this healthcare system and subsequently took the BodyTalk Training in 2011 to understand how this amazing healthcare system works. In 2012 she become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and started her own clinic, Release. Her thirst for learning made her go deeper into the BodyTalk System and she undertook all the Advanced BodyTalk and Life Sciences modules in Singapore, Australia and Europe. Sufen has been trained directly under BodyTalk founder John Veltheim  and coordinates most of the BodyTalk courses in Singapore.

Sufen is available to perform BodyTalk sessions on people from all walks of life and ages. However her special interest lies with babies and children. She was a Doula trained under Four Trimesters Pte Ltd and Doulas of North America (DONA). She has worked with several families to help support women welcome their babies gently into the world. She incorporates BodyTalk into helping mothers deal with the challenges of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breast feeding and all other related issues.

As much as childbirth excites her, death is also an aspect of life she relates to at a very deep level. Sufen is currently a volunteer at the Child Bereavement Support Group in Singapore after she encountered the death of her second child when he passed away in his sleep at a tender age of 2 years old. Her BodyTalk journey has been a healing journey, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. BodyTalk doesn’t change one’s destiny but it helps a person to cope with the challenges that life presents. To empower oneself with the ability to self heal every aspect of their lives. Having experienced death of her loved one, she approaches life with compassion and gratitude.

Always armed with the passion of learning and improving her knowledge and skills, Sufen completed the following BodyTalk, BodyTalk Life Sciences and PaRama BodyTalk modules:

Modules 1&2 : Fundamentals

Module 3 : Principles of Consciousness

Module 4(7) : Bio-Dynamics

Module 5 : Lymphatic Drainage

Module 6 : Macrocosmic BodyMind

Module 9 : Matrix Dynamics

Anatomy & Physiology for BodyTalkers 1, 2 & 3

BodyTalk Access

Eastern Medicine

Body Ecology

The BioPhysical Mind

Structural Integration for BodyTalk

BodyTalk Advanced Integration


Advanced Mindscape

Breakthrough 1

Free Fall 1

PaRama BodyTalk Unit 1


Fascial Energetics 1 & 2

Touch for Health 1 & 2

Biotherapy Module A

Sufen is available for BodyTalk Sessions, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Pre/Post Natal Consultation and Breastfeeding Consultation at her clinic or at your home. Distant sessions are also available to International clients. If you would like a session or interested to find out more about BodyTalk and the trainings available, please feel free to call, text or email Sufen.