Advance MindScape

Advanced MindScape Workshop : Another Dimension

Adv MS Photo Advanced MindScape course adds another dimension to your abilities to access and trust your intuition and the information you can access through your subtle senses.

Your basic MindScape Workshop and tools therein provide a structured framework to work with the power of your intuition. One of the biggest hurdles to developing these powers is learning to trust the information that arises. This class will provide lots of practical exercises, and opportunities to stretch your intuitive mind and demonstrate to yourself how powerful your intuition can be.

Your Theme
Ahead of the workshop you will be encouraged to find the ‘theme’ that you would like to work on during the seminar. Whether a specific issue at ‘your story’, or any stubborn recurring patterns or issues. During many of the various exercises you will be given the opportunity to glean your own insights for greater awareness

A Review of your Existing Workshop
You will have the opportunity to understand what your Workshop as living Metaphor is demonstrating to you. As a refresher there will be an exercise to demonstrate how the various tools can be combined to find answers and insights, and achieve a greater balance with your Male and Female guides.

Accessing Your Workshop
You will learn a trigger for fast access to access your Workshop and the Alpha state of mind. You will also learn to access your workshop with your eyes open.

Confidence in Your Intuition
The seminar will then provide an array of exercises to encourage confidence in using MindScape and trusting the power of your intuition including the following:

• Polarity Questions – Binary answers.
• Working with the Environmental Field
• Time regression
• Distance Healing
• Deciphering the Issue
• Remote Viewing
• Archetypes
• 3D Holographic scanning
• Strengthening the Weakness

You will leave the course with the ability to access your MindScape Workshop quickly, have new ways of working with MindScape and have greater trust and confidence in your intuitive powers.

Pre-requisites: MindScape Course


3 Different Courses Available:

1) MindScape Refresher 12 January 2018, Friday 6:30am to 9:30am

Refresh your basic MindScape ahead of the Advanced Class

Price: SGD$300 (Those attending Advanced MindScape get a SGD$100 discount)


2)  Advanced MindScape 13-14 January 2018, Saturday/Sunday 9:30am to 6pm

Price: SGD$900 Early Bird Price for the first 15 student. Full price SGD$1,100


3)  Advanced MindScape MasterClass 15 January 2018 Monday 10am to 5pm

The theme of the Advanced MindScape MasterClass is on Money and Success. Pre-requisite is Advanced MindScape. You will be using your Advanced MindScape Workshop to help you in the area of Money and how you can be more Successful in all aspects of your life.

Price: SGD$250 for students attending the Advanced MindScape Workshop the weekend before. SGD$350 for those not attending the weekend.


** DBS/POSB Visa/Master Credit Card payments with 12 months instalment payment plans are available. Service charges apply**



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