Love & Light Festival

10-12 May 2019 11am to 8pm daily

Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Melati Room, Level 4, Booth B5

The members of the BodyTalk Community in Singapore will be coming together at the Love & Light Festival to share their love and passion for healing. BodyTalk is a healthcare system derived from integrating the wisdom of ancient eastern philosophies and the understanding of western medicine, woven together with the art of structured intuition that creates a healthcare system unique from any other system.

BodyTalk is healing from the inside out. Your body has a unique story that needs to be heard. A BodyTalk Practitioner acts as a translator to restore communication within the body and mind so that the body can go about doing what it is designed to do: heal itself.

Come Meet the Practitioners (From top to bottom, left to right):

Jo Choo

Jo’s background started from being a Usui Reiki Practitioner, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and a Medium. She is also trained in professional space clearing and cleansing. After visiting many different specialists and doctors for the last 15 years, no one was able to address the symptoms relating to her thyroid issue. Jo discovered BodyTalk in March 2017 and after 3 BodyTalk sessions, her thyroid results improved to nearly the normal range but more importantly she was feeling the best she had felt in many years. Inspired by the changes in her health situation she went on to learn the BodyTalk System. Jo now incorporates BodyTalk into her other modalities to bring health and healing to her community.

Sicilia Devi 

Sicilia’s background in healthcare started in her teens when she was working in a public hospital in Singapore. Sicilia chanced upon BodyTalk after suffering from 2 years of cough and asthmatic symptoms. She sought help from western doctors who over medicated her with antibiotics and steroids. Her poor response to TCM as well led her in search of another healthcare system where she stumbled upon BodyTalk. After only 2 BodyTalk sessions, Sicilia immediately felt a tremendous improvement, physically and mentally. Her health improved and  she started to gain confidence. Sicilia embarked on the journey to learn the BodyTalk System after seeing the health benefits so that she can help others in return. More Info on Sicilia 

Tonya Shaw

Tonya previously had a very successful career working in the Banking and Finance Industry for 20 years. Following several consecutive health issues, including an emergency appendectomy, discovery of a breast lump and gastrointestinal issues, she decided to quit banking and pursue her passion in health and wellness.  This pursuit led her to discover BodyTalk. Tonya discovered that BodyTalk is unique as it bridges physical and mental wellbeing. She was blown away by the positive impact and how accurately and quickly BodyTalk improved her health. Impressed by the outcomes, she trained to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.  To complement her practice, Tonya is also a Craniosacral Therapist and a Certifier Personal Trainer with ACE. More info on Tonya

Jeff Wong

Jeff is a healer specialising in the healing traditions of the Americas. Jeffrey started his journey into energy medicine when he first discovered Qigong and experienced energy through touch.  Beginning with Reiki and shiatsu, Jeff has expanded his practice to include a diverse range of modalities. Jeff practices BodyTalk because of its effectiveness and grounding in anatomy and physiology, adding even more depth to his wide range of techniques.  Through incorporating BodyTalk into his healing modalities, Jeff has witnessed profound changes in the health of his clients. Jeff holds an LLB in Law from the National University of Singapore and was formerly a lawyer. More info on Jeff

Sufen Paphassarang

Sufen’s background comes from a corporate outfit as an insurance broker and underwriter with multinational companies. 9 years ago Sufen was diagnosed with Grave’s disease that was triggered by a traumatic life event when her young child passed away very suddenly in his sleep. Doctors deemed her disease irreversible. Her quest to find health led her to discover BodyTalk which brought her full recovery without drugs in a short span of 9 months. After her discovery of this amazing healthcare system, Sufen decided to learn it to use BodyTalk for her family and people around her. 8 years since being a BodyTalk Practitioner, Sufen now runs a busy practice as an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, a BodyTalk Access Trainer and the owner of the BodyTalk Centre in Singapore. Sufen firmly believes that everyone can empower their own lives and health to be the best they can be for themselves. More info on Sufen

Jill Burns

Jill is an irish physiotherapist at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy experienced in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic rehabilitation. Her interest in the management of sporting conditions lead her to gain experience with professional rugby and hockey. An avid yogini, Jill is qualified to teach both Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. She is also trained as a STOTT pilates instructor. Her interest in yoga and philosophy lead her to train in BodyTalk. BodyTalk is a healthcare system that addresses the person as a whole – on physical, mental, emotional and environmental levels. It seeks the underlying causes of illness and injury in the body. BodyTalk taps into the body’s own innate wisdom, so optimum healing can be achieved. Jill likes to incorporate BodyTalk into her treatment sessions where appropriate. More info on Jill

Xin Hui Aw Yong

Xin Hui studied Sports & Exercise Science and graduated with a Masters in Exercise Physiology from the UK. She worked in the UK as an Exercise Physiologist and Researcher in Nutritional Immunology before returning to Singapore. A chronic, stabbing hip pain that could not be resolved with various manual therapies led her to try out BodyTalk. Initially skeptical, her hip pain disappeared after two BodyTalk sessions. Intrigued by the scientific workings of this healthcare modality, it led her to embark on the journey to become a BodyTalk practitioner and she has never looked back since. She hopes to integrate her sports physiology background with BodyTalk to help others understand their bodies better. An avid climber, Xin Hui uses BodyTalk regularly when dealing with her own injuries and provides BodyTalk sessions to anyone keen to find out more about it. More info on Xin Hui

Nicole Tang

Nicole is a certified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and accredited Usui Reiki Master and Kundalini Reiki Master. She is naturally intuitive and is able to attune to the needs of her clients. Nicole suffered from years of low self esteem and depression since young. This eventually manifested as long term gastritis and migraine issues and her inability to have healthy relationships with people. Nicole’s journey to find healing led her to BodyTalk which she now incorporates into her healing sessions. Nicole earnestly believe that everyone can live in bliss and tranquility. Stress and anxiety does not have to be the way of life.  Nicole works with adults and children of all ages and has a wealth of knowledge and experience from energy healing.

Anne-Laure Jozan

Anne is from France and currently works as a content manager. Anne is a Reiki Master and has been versed in energy medicine for the last 10 years. It has profoundly changed her life allowing her to become a mother of 3 children. On her path to healing, she discovered BodyTalk and subsequently embarked on training with the BodyTalk System. As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Anne runs a busy 2-day clinic when she is not in the office.


Susanne Frey

Susanne is a graduate nurse and was working in a hospital in Germany for over 20 years. Since the birth of her son 22 years ago, she started her journey on combining anatomical and physical knowledge with her love for dance and movement. Susanne is a GYROTONIC (R) /GYROKINESIS (R) and a Pilates Instructor specialising in women’s health, special needs and rehabilitation. Combining different modalities such as Neurokinetic Therapy and Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex Therapy, Susanne started to train with the BodyTalk System to helps her clients improve their health more efficiently by addressing the underlying causes rather than treating the symptoms. More info on Susanne