BodyTalk Sessions

BodyTalk sessions are easy, safe and comfortable; they are done with the client fully clothed; there is no need for disrobing. A BodyTalk session usually last between 15 and 45 minutes. The length of a session is not indicative of the quality of the session or the results that occur; as even the simplest sessions can be quite profound. The bodymind knows just how many changes and corrections it is ready to initiate in any given session, and will therefore indicate when the session is complete and may even establish a time when you may need to return for a follow-up session.


Craniosacral Therapy / Fascia Energetics

The BodyTalk Craniosacral Therapy is based on the UpLedger’s 10 step protocol incorporating BodyTalk Biodynamic Fascia Energetic techniques to balance the craniosacral rhythm in the body. Fascia Energetic techniques are also used in sessions to release fascia tension in the entire body. For more information please click here.


Lymphatic Drainage 

Having been trained in the Lymphatic Drainage (Veltheim Method), Sufen is able to confidently work through your lymphatic system to improve your health. For further information on the Lymphatic Drainage, please click here.


Pre-Natal, Post-Natal (Including Breastfeeding Consultation)

Being a certified doula with DONA International as well as a mother, Sufen is trained and experienced in pre-natal, childbirth education, post natal and especially breastfeeding matters. However, sometimes a consultation may lead to a BodyTalk session depending on the issues the clients and/or their partners or babies are addressing.


All sessions and consultations are by Appointment only. For first-time clients, a BodyTalk In-Take Form needs to be completed.


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