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True Testimonials from MindScape Students

Online and In-Person Classes

Sufen was a great facilitator, and the main reason I decided to do this course. I like the Mindscape framework which gives a structure to a lot of the things I already believe in but can’t explain tangibly like intuition, manifestation and its links to the physical body and our environment. - TP

It is a very powerful tool for personal development, for family, and for work. Now, it's time to put it to daily practice and to trust the innate wisdom of intuition. Mindscape is arguably the best tool I've been introduced to in all the spiritual/ meditative/ personal development classes I've attended, and it's the only one I can use with ease. It's highly practical in all contexts. - EC

You have opened up a whole new world for me. - CK

I appreciate the way Sufen explained clearly and made sense as to the so many questions I had in mind and doubts whether or not it’s suitable and not against my belief. - SG

I have changed the way I think about intuition. I used to think intuition is dynamic and not controllable. I did not expect intuition to be coming on demand with high accuracy. - CBS

It is a wonderfully expansive programme, with great reminders and tools for accessing more of the possibilities of what it is to be human - DO

Sufen's personal experiences, the professional organization and general care provided from sign up to end of the course and even afterwards with study groups makes it all a great experience for me. - SJ

It exceeded my expectations as to how i can use mindscape in my life. MindScape is great for everyone to learn to set the course and have clarity in life, for relationships, for health, for business and for overall life management. Wish I had found out about this earlier in life! - RK

Sufen imparted her wealth of knowledge impeccably. Structure of the course had a good flow with all answers and queries dealt with promptly. - GS

Mindscape is a powerful tool to allow you to release all your preconceived beliefs, even just for a moment. Giving you the insight and wisdom of tapping into your intuition. Above all, trusting yourself and holding space and power within. When the inside is calm, the storm outside has little or no impact. Mindscape will be that safe heaven of consciousness. - OSL

I highly recommend EVERYONE to attend at least once and to bring your circle of friends, or Team members, or group of colleagues to DO IT TOGETHER so the journey of discovery and learning in this Journey of Life becomes that much more meaningful and enjoyable AND FUN !!!!!! - PG

It makes my life so much easier by knowing very well what is best for each person and in any situation.

- CT

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