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BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration Course

Course Overview:

This course is designed to help BodyTalk students refine their skills in the practical aspects of BodyTalk Fundamentals.


Course Description:

This course will vary slightly from Instructor to Instructor. The instructor will clarify any questions the students have about the Fundamentals techniques, taking the CBP exam, exploring procedure, muscle checking, how to talk about BodyTalk, how to explain the sessions to your clients, and questions and concerns about treating clients. He/she will review the more challenging aspects of the Fundamentals and delve deeper into any of the areas covered in the Fundamentals depending on their area of expertise or questions asked by the students. 

Sufen Paphassarang will be sharing the scientific basis of some techniques that extends beyond the Fundamentals manual. These are derived from John Veltheim’s knowledge and understanding of ancient traditions which are later discovered through John's experience. 


Through exploring traditional chinese medicine concepts, you will learn for example:

  • How the Pancreas Reflex Point technique balances the left and right sides of the body.

  • How the Reciprocals technique balances the meridian points in the body and how each individual reciprocal relates to specific meridian points. 

You will also delve deeper into the Lymph (drainage), Active Memory, Body Chemistry, Cellular Repair, Meridians, engaging your intuition, etc.


Additionally, the BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration will cover all chapters and techniques in BodyTalk Fundamentals at a greater depth of understanding. This allows practitioners to tap out a BodyTalk formula with deeper focus which creates a faster healing process. 


Practical Day:

On the last day, practical ways of running sessions will be covered, including how to: 

  1. Run through an intake form. 

  2. Listen to what the body is saying versus what the client says they want. 

  3. Palpate the energy field to obtain information. 

  4. Maximize your time to obtain the essential links to create the biggest shift. 

  5. Hold space when the client has an emotional release. 

  6. Implement the formula (tap out) differently for different circumstances. 

  7. Explain the links to the client and record your session notes.

  8. Get your client to come back for a follow up session and introduce their friends to BodyTalk. 

  9. Facilitate a session, both in-person and distant. 

  10. Set up a successful standalone BodyTalk practice. 

Spirituality of the Practitioner:

More importantly, BodyTalk is a spiritual practice that works towards the wisdom of self-realisation. The Practitioner's beliefs of self, money and their spiritual growth is the catalyst that generates the business that they are meant to become. Unlike any other business course, this aspects of spirituality is peculiar only to BodyTalk.

This class is invaluable as it creates the confidence with better understanding of how BodyTalk works as a student or a Practitioner. 


Cost: SGD$1,250 (Early bird ends 15th January 2021)

Regular Price: SGD$1,500 

To Register

Pre-requisites: BodyTalk Fundamentals 


Limited spaces available. Do not miss out! 


For payment or further enquiries contact Xin Hui Aw Yong at +65 81212845.


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