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“When the hands are further away,

the Morphogenetic Field is being accessed. This field uses extremely high frequency energy to replace and regenerate all tissues. This is how non-local healing is accomplished”


Dr. James Oschmann, 

Author of Energy Medicine

- The Scientific Basis.

BodyTalk Distant Session

BodyTalk Distant Session

Those living in Singapore have always had the luxury of not requiring much of a commute to anywhere within the country due to its size. This is starkly different to other larger nations such as the United States of America, Canada, Europe and New Zealand, where energy-based therapies like BodyTalk are often conveniently practiced at a distance. With the availability of practitioners in close proximity, Singaporeans tend to elect for physical sessions and many are yet to explore the possibility of enjoying a distance session. 


As the Covid 19 pandemic makes social distancing an essential part of current daily living and prevents individuals from reaching a practitioner - particularly those who are under mandatory quarantine, distance BodyTalk sessions are becoming all the more relevant.

To understand the science of how a distance session is done and how it works, we must first note that BodyTalk deals with energy as it relates to our consciousness. 


“For some people, the concept of doing consciousness balancing at a distance is relatively palatable however, for others, it is not well understood or accepted. Because BodyTalk is working at the level of consciousness (where it can then influence the mind, energy systems, and physical body), it is possible to do from afar and still be effective.” - Dr John Veltheim, Founder of The BodyTalk System.

Consider the technical aspect of what makes distance healing possible. The Dynamic Systems Theory says that each electron in the Universe is in constant communication with every other electron in the Universe. The quantum physics theory of entanglement, which came about with an idea that Einstein described as “spooky action at a distance”, states that when one energy source entangles or resonates with another, they interfere with one another. Meaning that when there is a change in one, it is instantly reflected as a change in the other. Science has also shown that the benefits of quantum entanglement remain even after the entanglement has ended and this energy is not limited to a set spatial distance.


While the phenomenon of quantum entanglement is believed to exist for only very small particles in nature, scientists such as biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton and physicist Amit Goswami have shown what we all intuitively know; that the ‘energy’ of one person can affect the energy of another from individual cells to the firing of specific neurons in the brain, which can be measured and felt.

In the case of energy medicine, we can think of two people becoming ‘entangled’ as two instruments which attune to each other and resonate in harmony. The strong beneficial intention and energy of the healer/practitioner corresponds with the client’s energy to uplift them to a higher state of consciousness.  However, what separates simple energy healing from BodyTalk is the power and clarity of intention. In BodyTalk we are not working to make a diagnosis and trying to force the body to conform to a state of health which we personally believe is better for the individual. Instead, BodyTalk prioritises the healing based on what a person’s innate wisdom guides us to improve.


We can look at BodyTalk as an intuitive art of healing that allows us to understand the mind and its reflections in the physical body. The mind moves through brain waves of thought, which can be measured, yet because the mind is not tangible, there is no physical technique to assess it. Essentially, there is no barrier presented by physical distance when it comes to addressing the mind. Even when a session is run from afar, the practitioner is still able to tap into information by sensing it through the energy field and can stimulate shifts accordingly. 

To understand how an in-person and a distant session is run, please visit the FAQ page

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