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The Cortices Technique

The Cortices Technique

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What is the Cortices Technique?

The Cortices technique is the most commonly used technique in BodyTalk. It is the first technique a BodyTalk practitioner will use in almost every treatment, because it is so important in establishing the general healthy functioning of the brain. 

A main goal of BodyTalk is to have the brain functioning extremely well, because when therein is functioning well, it can control the health of the body by ensuring the right communications are happening and the right instructions are going out.

These days the stresses of living often cause the hijack of the amygdala system in the brain which his the fight flight system that is designed to keep us alive. This causes the brain to work less well as it could.

The brain was originally set up to be very good at handling sudden extreme situations, such as being approached by a child animal, in which the body has to consider scenarios of either confronting the danger or running from it - hence the fight flight concept. However in the high stress world today, we are not generally faced with tigers but rather, with a constant barrage of threats the our body interprets as life-threatening  in many ways. Theses are the ordinary stresses of life, such as dealing with financial situations, personal relationships and work pressures; the stress of just going to work, trying to stay alive, the pollution and toxins in the food we eat. These are all major stress factors that an average person struggles with daily.

It should be noted that the amygdala is also responsible for the primary survival drives for food, water and sex. When the amygdala complex is disturbed, unhealthy changes will occur with these basic instincts. 

Stress affects us even before we are born

During a pregnancy, the average mother and father can find themselves under a great deal of stress, and this profoundly affects the development of the brain in the foetus. We are finding the more babies are being born with malfunctioning and over-stressed immune and amygdala system. This leads to a general weakness of the immune system, increasing its susceptibility to bacterial infections, viruses and parasites that are difficult to overcome and often remain in a chronic form.

We also seeing this manifest in the development of allergies to just everything, from food to environmental factors, in all different levels in all different stages. In fact, many people can have allergies and not be aware of them because they have no classic allergy symptoms, such as running nose or sore eyes. They do not realise that they have have a food allergy that is causing their headaches, pain, irritable bowel syndrome, backache or emotional stress.

Either way, we have found that the brain in the average person is far too stressed and has such poor communication it cannot do its job properly. We are seeing this more and more in youth of today with Attention Deficit Disorder, behavioural problems and major stress disorders because the brains cannot handle their environment.

War of the Sexes

The Cortices technique is designed to bring the systematic corrections to the brain. The theory is that we are balancing the two halves of the brain, the left and right hemispheres, the masculine and feminine brain, the mechanical side and the creative side.

For most people today, there is a strong masculine - feminine war going on. We call it the battle of the sexes out in the world that we see. However , this battle actually is going on inside the brain between the two value system and the two ways of dealing with things, such as left-brain logical thinking vs right-brain intuitive thinking. The fact is, in a healthy person, there is good communication between these extremely important systems, so both ways of thinking can be utilised.

The Cortices technique fosters better communication between the two hemispheres through the corpus callosum, thus enabling this communication to occur at all levels.

Energy Comes First, Matter Follows After

It is important to reiterate that the BodyTalk System is an energy-based technique, based on the scientific premise that energy comes first and matter follows. It also is important to understand that the latest research in neurosciences has indicated that the actual neurological synaptic transmission of communication between parts of the brain accounts for only some of the communication. A great deal of communication within the brain and from the brain to the rest of the body is occurring at a much higher level than the energy systems such as meridian, the flow of electrons, protons, solitons and electromagnetic frequencies.

The brain and the heart are huge electromagnetic generators, and their frequencies are part of the communication system. When we balance the energy level of the electromagnetic blueprint, we are going to profoundly affect all these electrical circuits. Clinically, the balance even affects the physical neurological circuits. The result of this better communication enables the brain to settle down and better coordinate its activities.

The Cortices technique also improves circulation within the brain - on many levels. Besides the obvious important blood circulation within the brain, the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid and the lymphatic drainage of waste-product electrolytes from brain activity also are increased. In addition the flow of meridian energy and other subtle energy systems critical for healthy brain function are improved.


Each time we perform Cortices treatment, we are improving the total circulation systems, if we perform this technique regularly we will see continued improvements in the function of the brain.

Moving out of a Mild State of Shock into Healing

With BodyTalk we are addressing two fronts simultaneously; 

1) While the Cortices technique heals repair and functioning of the amygdala system and its relationship to the thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus, pre-frontal cortex etc

2) It improves the body's ability to deal with stress and can bring someone out of shock so their brain can function far better.

While someone is in a mild state of shock, these people have a blankness in the eyes, which the responses are there, they are not clear or sharp. These people can function at their basic job and even drive a car, but they are in a constant state of semi-shock, which is a sport of coping mechanism the body uses to dull the trauma of being in a stressed state. When in this state people live with chronic viruses, infections, parasites or allergies because their immune systems are not observant enough to pick up the existence of these microbes in the body and therefore not attacking them and killing them off. As a result a person can live with fatigue pain, headaches or what is sometimes diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or fibromyalgia because their defence systems are being compromised due to mild shock. 

We have found this extremely important in children who have poor attention spans. One of the problems is that they are living in a state of shock because of the stress they are under. The stress can come from their environment, their school facilities, family situations or even from the additives and toxins in the food they are eating or the medications they are taking.


Cortices Technique - An Important Ingredient for Self Healing

This is why Cortices is such an important ingredient in the body's ability to start healing itself. We find that by tapping out the Cortices daily, we can gradually improve the body's resilience to handle stress and reducing its tendency to go into shock. We eventually can teach the body not to go into shock, except in cases in which it needs to due to extreme stress.


This concept is preventative medicine. By using BodyTalk Access on a regular basis, you will improve the functioning of the brain and eventually the functioning of the body's built in health maintenance systems, so that the person is less likely to get sick in the first place. 

Cortices and Coma Patients 

There is another form of severe shock which manifests as a coma. There are comas from injury to the brain, and that is a different state of affairs in which the brain has physically been damaged. However, many forms of coma occur when the body has gone into a severe shock and has not been able to come out of it. The injuries may have repaired internally, but the person is still lying in the hospital bed in a severe state of shock, which we call a coma. Clinically, we have had many cases in which hospitalised persons in comas have had their Cortices tapped out and come out of the coma - often within minutes or hours. Many have been in their coma for months or years. This is where BodyTalk can be a vital instrument to be used in hospital settings.

The Cortices treatment helps repair the functioning of the amygdala system and its relationship to the thalamus, the hypothalamus, hippocampus, prefrontal cortex etc (which improves the body's ability to deal with stress), it can also bring someone out of shock so their brain can function far better. 

Excerpts from the BodyTalk Access Book. A new path to family and community health

by Dr John Veltheim

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