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During a BodyTalk session, the practitioner consults your ‘innate intelligence’ with the use of neurological biofeedback (muscle checking). As they follow a comprehensive protocol of questioning, the practitioner is guided to identify priority areas for repair. At any given time, your bodymind knows precisely where imbalances are and the sequence in which these need to be addressed for optimum healing.

A BodyTalk session involves light tapping over indicated areas as well as the head, heart and gut (the three brains) to enable your bodymind to re-evaluate it’s current state of being, re-establish good communication between cells and systems, synchronise and ultimately refocus your body’s natural healing mechanism.

BodyTalk sessions are non-invasive, safe and comfortable and typically last between 15 and 45 minutes. The length of a session is not indicative of the quality of the session or the results that can occur, as even the simplest sessions may bring about profound and lasting changes.

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The BodyTalk Craniosacral Therapy is based on the UpLedger’s 10-step protocol incorporating BodyTalk Biodynamic Fascial Energetic techniques. During a therapy session, the practitioner will begin with orthopedic evaluation procedures to measure range of motion and observe sites of tension in the body. Neuromuscular biofeedback (muscle testing) enables the practitioner to identify the focus areas for treatment and the practitioner will treat the fascial tension region that has the most restriction.


Once the energy-based body vivaxis realignment has been completed, a light tapping technique from the BodyTalk System will be used to implement the changes.

Note: You may be required to change between positions (lying down, sitting or standing) during the session. Therefore, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing.

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The Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage can be implemented as a stand-alone therapy session (which usually takes 45 minutes) or incorporated in a BodyTalk session. This form of lymphatic drainage can be performed directly on the skin or over clothing, which means that clients have the option of removing their clothing – down to their underwear (in which case, they would be adequately draped throughout the session) or can remain fully dressed, if more comfortable doing so.


During treatment, the practitioner focuses on three main areas, the abdomen and groin, neck, armpits and breast, creating wave-like movements with their hands to gently sweep fluid through the lymphatic system.



A previously certified doula (with DONA International) trained and experienced in pre-natal, childbirth education, post natal and breastfeeding matters, is available to guide mothers through their pregnancy. Sometimes a consultation may lead to a BodyTalk session, depending on the issues that the client and/or their partner or baby requires assistance with.

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