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The body is a physical representation of an energy field that is made up of vibrations and subtle movements. Every living thing pulses with the flow of life force! Considering the fact that our body’s prime system of communication is electromagnetic in nature, you can understand how obstacles at the physiological and energetic levels would disturb our natural state of being and movement. Over time, disrupted energy can lead to disease and illness, reduced function and generally poorer quality of health that manifests as physical symptoms.

Fascial Energetics can help with:

BodyTalk Craniosacral Therapy, based on the Upledger Craniosacral Therapy 10-Step Protocol, incorporates BodyTalk Biodynamic Fascial Energetics techniques to harmonise the natural rhythm of the central nervous system. When both Craniosacral Therapy and Fascial Energetics techniques are applied, imbalances in energy flow (stagnation, excess or deficiency), known as lesions, are addressed with treatment that is focused on both the energy field and the physical body simultaneously.

Craniosacral therapy induces a state of relaxation that calms the sympathetic nervous system and allows the practitioner to observe the details of the energy imbalance in the cranial region and brain. Fascial Energetics relieves tension, pain and scar tissue to alleviate stored patterns of dysfunction in the body and allow greater ease of movement. 

These areas of tension can be found at the superficial level (skin), visceral level (around muscles, organs, bones and joints) and deep level (around the brain and spinal cord). 


Fascia connects the entire body via a continuous network of tissue just beneath the skin. Weaving around every cell and part of the body, it essentially provides a functional structure that allows all of the body’s systems to be stabilised and operate in an integrated manner. Healthy fascia is critical for good mobility, aiding your body with flexibility, strength and balance. When you experience stress, be it physical or emotional trauma, scarring or even surgery, the fascia can distort, become tight, lose its pliability and restrict movement. The effects of stress within the fascia can be far-reaching, with something as simple as a sprained toe having the ability to create tension in an entirely different region of the body.

The healing of the energy field and the physical body are not separate. Clinically, the healing of both the energy field and physical body can occur at the same time. Sometimes it is necessary for the energy field to be balanced first in order to enable shifts and greater healing in the physical body. Fascial Energetics provides a holistic view of every part of the body and allows us to release any experiences or emotions that have been stored and have contributed to physical stiffness.

The principles of the BodyTalk Craniosacral Therapy and Fascia Energetics are:

  1. The body is a dynamic unit of function consisting of Mind, Body and Spirit

  2. The movement of the body fluids and energy is essential to the maintenance of health

  3. Structure and function are interrelated

  4. The nervous system plays a crucial part in controlling the body

  5. The body is a self-regulating vital mechanism, which is constantly looking for balance and homeostasis.

  6. The body has an inherent capacity to defend and repair itself

Fascial Energetics can help with:

  • Improving neural flow

  • Improving energy flow

  • Tonifying deficiency

  • Sedating excess

  • Shifting blockages or stagnation

  • Improving sutural or cranial bone mobility by reducing osseous tension

  • Improving the mobility of intracranial membranes

  • Releasing stored emotions, beliefs and consciousness

  • Reducing fascial tension

  • Relaxing (tight) hypertonic muscles

  • Decreasing joint hypomobility (stiffness)

  • Reducing pain

  • Reducing local edema

  • Improving range of motion

  • Improving physiology

  • Improving circulation

Craniosacral theraphy / Fascial energetics: Our Therapies
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