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With Release, you’ll join a community that values wellbeing, and supports your mind and soul in the pursuit of health and happiness. Read what some of our clients have to say about our work. If you recently had an experience you’d like to tell us about, please get in touch.

“When I first went to see Sufen, I had no idea what Bodytalk was about or what to expect, but after months of seeing various doctors and gynaecologists to no avail, I was willing to give anything a go. I can’t tell you how amazed I was with the results. Not only was I completely pain free after 2 weeks but a lot of other things in my life also started improving as a direct result of my bodytalk sessions. I would go so far as to say, it has been a life changing experience for me. I can’t recommend it highly enough. There are very few things that can’t be helped through Bodytalk.”

Rieke Hartwell

“I went to BodyTalk by recommendation from a friend. I was in counselling therapy for my depression, and was about to be referred to psychiatrist for meds to manage my post natal depression, due to overwhelming Mum’s guilt of not having enough time for each child or feel like I’m never doing enough. I didn’t want any meds to mess with my brains to inhibit my emotions, so I’ll try anything. After my first session with Sufen, I left her clinic feeling strangely bizarre. It was like I went to counselling, only that I didn’t had to speak! My body did the talking to her, and I simply lie down & let her do the work. I no longer felt sad, and was starting to cope with the kids better, finding the ability to find more time for me without feeling guilty about it. My left knee pains no longer hurt. Now after my 3rd session, even my hand eczema seems more manageable! It is very hard to explain what BodyTalk is to someone who hadn’t heard about it before. But I would highly recommend for anyone suffering from chronic pains, depression, to just give it a shot if all other solutions that had been tried wasn’t proven successful. You might be surprised by your body with just one bodytalk session. I was very thrilled when I recommended a friend who suffered from post natal anxiety to BodyTalk & heard good feedback from her too!”


“I have been completely blown away by Sufen’s BodyTalk sessions. I have seen her for various issues, unresolved from seeing conventional medical doctors. The ailments I had ranged from a recurring UTI infection, which was resolved by antibiotics, but subsequently returned again and again. Another issue I had was food poisoning for which I did not totally seem to get over, and also a recurring shin splint in my leg, which did not recover despite resting the leg. What I really like so far, and truly believe in is the body-mind-emotion connection and when Sufen explains the root cause of my issues, it also brings me to be conscious of own thoughts and emotions. Healing is done on a much deeper level, unlike when I see a medical doctor and only the physical issues are addressed. Sufen has been amazingly intuitive and has been able to clearly articulate complex physical issues into a story which I can relate to.”

T Shaw

“I first approached Sufen following a friend’s recommendation for a bad hip pain that did not go away with several physical therapies and alternative treatments. Due to my background in scientific research, I was sceptical about BodyTalk yet curious at the same time. After the first session, my pain was significantly reduced by more than half and it never got worse. After the second session, almost all the pain has disappeared and never returned. BodyTalk is amazing. I’d highly recommend it to all my friends and family to improve their health and well-being. You have to try it.”


“I attended BodyTalk since July 2016 through a friend’s recommendation. I was facing certain health issues back then and going through a tough period in my life. When sharing my problems with Sufen, she listens, understands and patiently work on my problems, being professional during every session. To my surprise, these regular BodyTalk sessions gradually improved my overall well being. I have overall better health now and am able to face my challenges ahead with confidence and positivity. I appreciate her sessions and will not hesitate to recommend BodyTalk to people around me who may need it.”


“My mother-in-law was out with her friends when one of the blood vessels in her brain burst out of the blue. She immediately collapsed. Luckily her friend managed to break her fall and quickly rushed her to the hospital. We were prepared for the worst. There was only a 50% chance that she would survive as she had been bleeding for 45 minutes by the time the operation began. The operation took 4.5 hours and she emerged alive but was put in an induced coma. The doctors told us that it was a very delicate situation and that we had to see how her brain healed before we decided on the next steps. At this stage, I sought help from Sufen to perform a BodyTalk distant session because I wanted to make sure that my mother-in-law had the most optimal conditions for healing, thereby increasing her chances of survival. Modern medicine and surgery can do amazing things but when it comes to healing, it’s all up to the body. If the conditions are optimal, healing can be exponential. This is the heart of what the BodyTalk therapy is about and I feel that incorporating its practice alongside western medicine truly gives patients in critical condition a fighting chance. Fast forward 2 months later; doctors have praised my mother-in-law’s progress citing it as truly remarkable. She has some right-side blindness and feels tired easily but otherwise she is healthy, sharp and alert. Her memory gets better everyday and she is able to host guest and engage in conversations. In total she had 5 sessions of BodyTalk with Sufen. While there is no scientific test to prove BodyTalk works (Yet) I honestly don’t believe that she would have fared as well without BodyTalk. One really has to try it to believe it”

TK Tan

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